We are not currently hiring new booksellers, but what follows is a (hopefully) useful overview about what to expect working at Skylark. If you would like to submit an application so that we have it on file the next time a vacancy arises, feel free to do so, and we'll be in touch when the time is right.

Algorithms, pah. Who needs fancy computer codes when you have, you know, REAL PEOPLE to make recommendations? A bookshop is only as good as the people behind the desk, suggesting books to you. So it’s critical that we have the best people working for us. And maybe that’s you.

You must be smart, extremely well-read, hard-working, willing to learn, patient, engaging, personable, charming, totally not an axe-murderer, and interested in pretty much everything.

What to Expect

Important disclaimer: People who work in bookshops do not sit around all day reading books and drinking coffee. That only happens in movies.

We spend our days doing an absolute ton of different stuff – OK, and drinking coffee. (Or, if you are Carrie, herbal tea.)

Here’s a small selection of what a bookseller does:

  • Keep up to date and informed about newly published and upcoming titles
  • Serving customers in person and over the phone
  • Managing stock and maintaining inventory (this includes lifting and moving stacks/boxes of books, including up and down stairs, which will probably mean you’ll no longer need your gym membership. You’re welcome.)
  • Staff author events both at the store and offsite. This can involve selling books, putting out chairs, sampling wine, author wrangling, audience wrangling…
  • Arranging and maintaining book displays
  • Dusting and cleaning (yeah!)
  • Contributing to the shop’s blog and other social media sites
  • Finding and suggesting new ways for us to interact with the community

The Large Print:

All applicants must have equal and abiding respect for people of all races, belief systems, genders, life styles, sexual orientations, and socio-economic classes. This is absolutely non-negotiable. Oh, and when it comes to literary taste, we operate a strict no-snob rule.

The Small Print:

Retail and/or book industry experience is a definite plus.

Bookstore inventory and sales software are unique. A solid base of computer knowledge and the ability to learn are important.

Often there will be a dog on the premises. If you are allergic to animals, even lovely ones, you should perhaps thinks twice.

Employees are responsible for their own transportation and parking.

We are unable to offer health insurance or other benefits, except that you’ll get to buy books at a discount and will be able to read a ton of amazing titles before they’re published. Which is a far better perk than health insurance anyway, right?

How To Apply

It’s very simple. Send an email to with the following:

1. Resume (including references)

2. Cover letter explaining why you are interested in becoming a bookseller, together with answers to the following specific questions:

(a)   How many hours per week do you want to work?

(b)  What unique thing do you hope to bring to Skylark Bookshop?

(c)   What novel did you enjoy the most in the last 12 months?

(d)  What nonfiction book did you enjoy the most in the last 12 months?

(e)   What is your favorite flavor of La Croix fizzy water?