Skylark Bookshop has a consignment program designed to allow local self-published or non-traditionally published authors space on our shelves. We’ll agree to stock a book on our shelves for a period of time, and pay the author for the copies that have sold at the end of the contract.

Most of the people who work at Skylark are writers, and so we understand that a lot of time and effort goes into writing a book. However, we have certain policies and restrictions in place because of our limited shelf space. We are devoted to fostering the local literary community and, therefore, primarily carry self-published books by writers who are mid-Missouri residents.   

If you would like Skylark to carry your self-published book, please email us at with the following information:

  • Information about the book including a short description, when it was published, and the ISBN, if available.
  • Whether the book is self-published and/or if it is available through a distributor.
  • A short bio of the author.
  • Why you feel the book is a good fit for Skylark.

Please note that we don’t take walk-in inquiries – you need to email your request. We reserve the right to say no to a consignment request.