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Local Author Night 2, February 21, 2019 6:00 p.m.

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We had so much fun on our inaugural Local Author Night that we can’t wait to do it all again on Thursday, February 21! As before, we’ll have a mixture of readings and interactive Q and A.

The participating authors are as follows:

R.G. Bisig. R.G. Bisig has been reading X-Men and Legion of Super Heroes comic books since what seemed like the beginning of time. Or at least it was for him. He started writing down ideas for science fiction novels as early as 12. Soon after the release of “The Empire Strikes Back”, he wrote his own version of Episode VI on a typewriter on board the USS Hammerhead. Sadly, it wasn’t what George Lucas had in mind. After a tour in the US Navy, he went on to be Dungeon Master for several D&D groups and wrote a scenario titled “Busy Night” which debuted at the 1998 GenCon role-playing gaming convention. Before publishing his novel last year, most of his writing consisted of short stories for a local Star Trek fan club or adventures for his Dungeons and Dragons group to enjoy. Visit his website here.

B.K. Boes. B.K. Boes has been creating stories since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She always drifted toward the fantastical, though she loved most every genre that crossed her path. Now, she writes epic fantasy and science fantasy, transferring worlds and characters from her imagination to the page. She is the author of Mother of Rebellion, the first book in The Leyumin Divided Saga. Click here to visit her website.

Debra Parker Oliver is the Paul Revare Family Professor of Family Medicine in the School of Medicine, at the University of Missouri. She has a Masters of Social Work and PhD in Rural Sociology from MU. She was a hospice social worker and administrator in three hospice programs for a total of more than 20 years. In an effort to teach and advocate for those facing cancer and terminal illness, Debbie and her husband David created a blog to share their journey with others. They received the Project Death in America Community Education Award from American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine care two weeks before David passed away. Debbie now continues the journey through grief and bereavement, continuing her commitment to share her journey. Click here to visit her website.

Sharon SingingMoon’s poetry is personal, political and spiritual.  She draws inspiration from Nature and her rich tapestry of life experiences which include twice walking across the country in support of Native Treaty Rights and nuclear disarmament, practicing mid-wifery, living off the land, and spending 20 years as a lobbyist for social justice.  Writing in journals and on scraps of paper since her early teens, Random Seed is Sharon’s latest collection of poetry.