Little Virtues.

little virtues.jpg

Yes, I am beginning by borrowing from the fabulous Italian writer Natalia Ginzburg’s book of essays, who never fails to remind me to relish the small things in life and even remember the challenges fondly.  As we enter the holiday season, I have a lot to be thankful for.

First, I am grateful for the newest member of the Putnam family, who brings a special flair for life with her, a sense of adventure, a great sense of humor and the fantastic ability to write handwritten personal letters (which seems to be a dying art form these days).

Two, I am grateful that we have all of my small, extended family still with us, and even welcome a new, very teeny-tiny four-footed friend in (who is well documented on Facebook).  Welcome to the family, Indy Rose.

Three, I am grateful that I am currently settling into a relatively new job that I love—handling and reading books.  Could there be a better match for me?

Four, I am grateful that I am getting to know a lovely team of co-workers, who all bring different strengths and, most importantly, a great sense of humor and work ethic to helping us get through the challenges of a new business startup.  Thanks especially to Alex and Carrie for their vision, their unending enthusiasm for books and writing, and seemingly limitless amount of patience for the small things that invariably go wrong.  Here’s to wishing for a holiday season without too many Grinches.

Finally, but probably the greatest daily reminder of what I have to be thankful for—thank you to everyone who has stopped by Skylark Bookshop and expressed excitement, wonder and appreciation for the appearance of the shop and all the wonderful book souls contained within.  It never fails to brighten my day when someone walks in and smiles broadly, looks around happily, or compliments the shop—whether it is their first time in, or thirtieth (yes, you folks know who you are).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and stop in soon!  Carol