Perfect Holiday Gifts... for Someone

A post from Carrie:

Let’s be honest. If I am getting you a gift this year, chances are I bought it at Skylark. While it would be fun to write about these perfect gifts, most of the intended recipients are reading this, and I am not a fan of spoilers.

Instead, I want to muse about a few of the perfect gifts I have found, but don’t have the people to give them to.

Spectator Sport Fan:

history of american sports.jpg

This is a difficult concept for me to grasp. If you browse our sports section at the bookshop, you might realize our concept of sports in general is not especially spectator-focused. We have a rich supply of Yoga, running, and biking books along with a careful selection of more traditional sport titles. We know much more about the Yoga, running, and biking ones. However, a lovely customer ordered an intriguing title, and we had to add it to our shelves. “A History of American Sports in 100 Objects,” by Cait Murphy, talks about everything from catcher’s mitts and balls, to a Wheaties magnet. Each object is treated with insight and dosed with some spectacular facts.

The Traveler:

travel book.jpg

Lonely Planet came out with a thorough beast of a book. “The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World” does exactly as advertised. Sprinkled with little known facts, the best time to travel to a location, and all thoughtful selection of must-do itinerary items, this huge and gorgeous book is designed to impress and inspire.



 When my son was little he liked to fall asleep with a book . . . in his mouth. We had an entire collection of board books with a small bite shaped corner missing by the end of his toddler-hood. Had there only been “Indestructibles!” We carry a wide variety of these durable books, and I had to satisfy my curiosity. I took one home, “Baby Animals,” with its bright cover and parent/child cuties from the animal kingdom. Then I tossed it into an entire weekend worth of laundry loads, crumpled it up, tried desperately to tear a page, and eventually resorted to playing tug-of-war with our dog. It shows some love, but the pages are vibrant, there are no tears, and you have to work to find the teeth marks. At only $5.95 these make great gifts or card substitutes!

 Pop in to see any of these titles, or get suggestions for someone on your list (real or imaginary)!