If You're Looking for Holiday Gifts, Might We Suggest...?

Buying a book for someone else should be an intensely pleasurable act - after all, what better gift can there be than a whole world, neatly packaged between covers, to give to another? But we recognize that sometimes it can also be fraught with problems, because choosing a book for someone else is such a personal thing. We know this, because sometimes our lovely customers share these worries with us. Some of these concerns are relatively simple - perhaps the person won’t like the book, or they’ve read it before (nb: books can always be exchanged!). Others are decidedly more thorny. What does the choice of book say about the giver? What does the choice of book say about the recipient? What does the choice of book say about the giver’s opinion of the recipient? Or vice versa. And so on.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that hard. Our booksellers are always ready to suggest suitable titles for gifts, based on as much or as little information as you have available. And we also offer two wonderful gift ideas designed specifically to solve this problem.

Our Subscription Package allows you to gift books (you choose whether hard cover or paperback) once a month - for either 3, 6 , or 12 months. Each month a gift-wrapped book, chosen by Skylark staff specially for your reader, will be delivered to their door - wherever they are in the country.

Subscription books about to go out in the mail to lucky readers…

Subscription books about to go out in the mail to lucky readers…

The brilliant thing about these subscriptions (if we do say so ourselves) is that each recipient fills out an online questionnaire, telling us their likes and dislikes, which allows us to choose, quite precisely, appropriate titles for them. What could be better than getting a new book, chosen especially for you, in the mail every month? You can read more about the subscription program here. And yes, this gift would work just as well for young readers as for adults.

An alternative option would be to give someone the gift of a Skylark Reading Spa. This is a truly luxurious treat for the book lover in your life… some time in the store, with a slice of cake (or a doughnut) and cash to spend on books, together with one-on-one advice from a bookseller about what books to choose. Read more about that here.

Feel free to call the shop at (573) 777 6990 or email us at mail@skylarkbookshop.com for more information about either of these packages.