So Close.

We are so close.

It has been a crazy week. We have discovered all sorts of interesting things about what goes on downtown late at night. It turns out there’s a nightclub, or something that requires bouncers anyway, in the alleyway behind the shop. All very exciting, although my goodness, it made us both feel old.

We’ve been so grateful for the messages of encouragement that we’ve received throughout this process. Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to reach out. We believe strongly in our mission, but it certainly helps to know that we have your support.

This week we’ve been working with our fabulous new staff. It’s been fun to get to know them, and to watch as we become a team. Theo (the bookshop dog) has spent a few days in the shop this week and he seems to be making himself at home.

theo (1).jpg

Today will be another busy day as we prepare to open our doors to the world tomorrow. We have a ton of last-minute stuff to do: there are shelves to dust (always!) and a few more boxes of books to unpack, process, and shelve. We can’t wait to peel all the Harry Potter pages off the windows tomorrow morning and welcome you inside. We think it’s pretty special. I hope you’ll agree. Come by and say hello, and buy a book! (Or maybe two.)