Blind Date with a Book!


Looking for a Valentine’s Day date or gift? Forget Tinder or roses; Skylark has you covered.

We are proud to introduce: Blind Date with a Book!

Here’s how it works: Between February 1 and Valentine’s Day, visit the shop to “meet” specially wrapped books.  Check out each book’s first line—its “pickup line”—that will be written on its wrapping paper, in order to determine whether you (or the recipient of your gift) and a book make a perfect match.  You’ll also be able to tell whether a book is fiction or nonfiction.


  • I’m in a monogamous relationship with my soulmate; neither of us needs a Blind Date with a Book.  Yes, you do!  Giving your partner a mystery book, or trying one out yourself, will add unpredictability and surprise to your relationship! 

  • I’m getting to know someone special; I’m not sure as to whether they’d like receiving a book instead of chocolate.  What better way to figure out if they’re worth your time? If they don’t read, they’re not your type, right? [See also: very rude quote from John Waters on this subject]

  • I loathe Valentine’s Day; it’s an overly pumped-up day that is loaded with commercialism.  You, my friend, especially need a Blind Date with a Book.  Shun that sappy pressure, and go home to curl up with a good book. ­­

  • I don’t like spending much money on dates; I really can’t afford to fork over a lot for a blind date.  That’s cool; we respect your wallet and the fact that you’ll be taking a risk. All our Blind Date books are heavily discounted.  

We’ll look forward to hearing about how your blind date goes!