"Guilty Pleasures"? Not. A. Thing.

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Carrie has some words of wisdom for you today. Co-signed by everyone who works at the shop!

We have heard two words a lot lately. Two words we don’t really believe in: “Guilty Pleasure.” 

It comes in a lowered voice as someone discovers Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. “It’s a bit steamier than I normally read.” It comes with a pink-cheeked glance as someone tucks a Young Adult title into their stack. “I need something fun before I dive back in.” It comes with shyness when we ask, “What are you in the mood for today?” and we hear, “I’d really like something on the lighter side.”

 So we want to put this out there. We have an amazing selection of books in our shop. We work hard choosing titles. Titles with important content, titles that can drop your jaw and slip into your dreams, titles that are filled with extreme brilliance . . . but we also have some delightfully fun books, some quick reads for the airplane, some palate cleansers.  What we don’t have are “Guilty Pleasures.” If you are reading a book and enjoying it, then there is nothing to feel guilty about. Will Schwalbe taught us that.

We would also love for you to keep this in mind for some of our younger customers. Just because they can see over the counter, that does not mean that they don’t still have a soft spot for picture books. If they are able to read at a high school or college level, they might still enjoy that graphic novel or that silly chapter book that you know they’ll finish on the way home.  The secret is, they also love a range of books. We see their longing looks as they sneak open a book they don’t think they will take home. The other secret is, that book they finish in one quick sitting? They will pick it up over and over and over and over again. You really will get your money’s worth. And you will help them grow up to be proud readers across genres and topics. And maybe, just maybe, we can wipe this feeling of guilt away when talking about something as wonderful as reading!