April is National Poetry Month, and Beth wanted to celebrate this in a special way. We’ll let her tell the story…

So....why is that twiggy branch resting in the front corner of the shop anyway? That....drumroll....is our poet-tree. During this April's National Poetry Month, we invite you to celebrate with us at Skylark by adding any type of rhyme or line that you'd like, so that our poet-tree bursts full of beautiful leaves. We're providing some tiny green leaves, crinkly blue yarn, and a Sharpie marker, but you're welcome to go even more big and bold with your own designs.

Share some of your favorite poet's lines, or pen something yourself. Here, for example, is my brilliant haiku, written after mangling an attempt to cut a leaf silhouette:

Cutting crazy leaves

Do not leave me with scissors

This one is a mess

As you can see, absolutely anyone can compose poetry.

If you’d rather not try to write something yourself, be sure to check out our amazing three-bay poetry section up on the second floor to find something that sings to you.