Need a Quiet Place to Study?


Finals are fast approaching, and that means that downtown’s coffeeshops are full of anxious students, hunched over their books. So here’s our little PSA: If you’re looking for a new place to study during finals, Skylark has you covered!

On our second floor we invite you to spread your projects out on our table, read in our comfy chairs, or discover our "hidden" beanbag in our "treehouse" spot. To help ease your stress during this time, we are offering coloring, chess, a puzzle, and dum dum lollipops.

In addition, enter a drawing to win a free ARC by studying at Skylark! (An ARC is an Advance Review Copy, a yet-to-be published copy of a book that gives booksellers a sneak peek of an upcoming title.) We’d love to share an ARC of a title that’s already been released. Study in the shop for an hour, and then drop a completed form with your name, email, and phone number into the container. We’ll contact if you win an ARC!

While students are always welcome to study here, check us out especially during the month of May to enjoy our special additions.