Pre-Order Your Signed Copy of THE WOLF WANTS IN!

We are very excited to be hosting the launch of Laura McHugh’s blistering new novel, THE WOLF WANTS IN, on Tuesday, August 6. Already the book has garnered a huge amount of praise and interest and we can’t wait to help Laura share it with the world next month. It’s a phenomenal read.


It’s a little-known fact that pre-orders (orders made before the publication date) can be very important to the fate of a book. They are regarded as being a critical indicator of how well a book will do, and consequently authors and publishers like to encourage people to order the book ahead of the publication date, if they already know that they’re going to buy the book anyway.

If you are a fan of Laura McHugh, this probably means you.

Of course, we want to make things as easy as possible, and really it’s very simple. People can pre-order signed copies of THE WOLF WANTS IN from Skylark Bookshop, either by calling the shop at (573) 777 6990 or dropping us an email at: You can either choose to pick it up at the shop or we will mail it to you for a nominal fee. In fact, we’re talking to the publisher to get permission to send the signed copies out in the mail a little early so that they will arrive on your doorstep on publication day.