It's Our Birthday! (Soon)


We all love a party here at Skylark, and everyone knows that there’s no party like a book party. (Everyone does know that, right? It’s not just us? No? Good.)

Hard though it is to believe, next month we will have been in business for A WHOLE YEAR. We opened our doors on August 25, 2018, and to celebrate our anniversary we shall be pushing out the proverbial boat on Saturday, August 24.

Among other things, we’ll be giving away a ton of excellent stuff, including temporary Skylark tattoos (!), some of our fantastic new tote bags, and exclusive signed books. We’re also going to have a raffle - you qualify for one ticket for every $20 you spend that day - with a variety of pretty amazing prizes up for grabs, including:

First Prize: A twelve-month Skylark paperback subscription for you or someone you really, really love. (For more on what these are, go here.)

Second Prize: A Skylark Reading Spa (click here for details) worth $100 plus one of our lovely mugs. Again, you could in theory give this to someone else, but we’re not quite sure why you would…?

Third Prize: Thanks to our friends at, we have FIVE free 3-month subscriptions for audiobooks to give away.

Our brand new and completely gorgeous T-shirts will also go on sale for the first time that day. In memory of our recently departed and much-missed friend, George Hodgman, we’ll be donating $5 from every new T-shirt we sell on Saturday to The Center Project.

So come by, have some fun, and help us celebrate turning one!