Come and Have a Lit Lunch at Skylark!

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Skylark strives to be a place where people can just come and hang out whenever the mood takes them. We love it when students spread out their homework on the upstairs table, or when people get locked in an epic chess game. And when it comes to folks browsing - well, in our view, the longer and more leisurely, the better.

In that vein, we’d like to invite you to lunch.

Every Wednesday, starting in September, we’ll be hosting what we’re calling a “Lit Lunch”. Come and escape your office (or home!) and bring your lunch to the shop for a bookish discussion with one or more of the staff. We’ll be talking about all sorts of things - the newest releases we’re excited about, beach reads, works in translation, ideas for book clubs… all sorts of stuff. The topic will change every week but it will be sure to be stimulating, fun, and always book-related.

The talk and discussion will start at 12:15 or so and go for about half an hour. Needless to say, it’s completely free to attend (although you have to bring your own lunch!!) and will be extremely informal. We’re looking forward to some excellent chats.

To kick things off, on Wednesday September 4, Alex will be sharing some of his favorite British mysteries and crime thrillers. He’s not quite sure why his fellow countrymen are so good at this twisted psychological stuff, but there’s definitely a trend…

Hope to see you there!