Amidst the retired Harry Potter pages currently covering our windows is a “Shop Local Buy Local” poster for The District. As an independent bookstore, this fits right into our philosophy.

We are enjoying being on the other side of the Shop Local Buy Local picture. Yesterday we sat in our back office, crowded with furniture and boxes to be distributed around the bookshop in the coming days. There were piles of paperwork, overtasked computers, conference calls, and some slap-happy banter. Meanwhile, local businesses were putting their mark on Skylark Bookshop.

Ryan from Homecraft Painting was meticulously touching up paint. Adam from Withrow Electric was pulling wires and installing lighting (from Bright City Lights). Jeff and Jesse from Midwest Remodeling and Restoration were busy building stairs to the front stage. Back at their shop, Andy Werth and his crew (including the fabulous & detail oriented Pete) from Stickman Woodworks were busy with the ridiculous number of maple shelves and our other stand-alone fixtures. It is difficult to describe how wonderful it was to work in the shop with that hum around us. Even harder to explain how valuable the relationship with these folks has been.

We are investing in them, and they are most certainly investing in us. The care of their labor is evident as soon as you walk in the door. They are patient with us as they walk us through the endless decisions we need to make. We might be a tad bit tired these days, perhaps a little decision weary, but they somehow make everything easier and more exciting.

As we approach opening our doors to the public, we are looking forward to developing similar relationships with our customers. We are downright giddy about putting the right books in the right hands. We are also a bit teary as we think about showing you this space. It is beautiful, and we know just how hard these guys are working.