Do Not Stack on Top.


Earlier this week, two guys showed up at the shop with eight pallets of books. Each pallet contains forty-two boxes. That's three hundred and thirty-six boxes, each one absolutely crammed with books. There are a lot of people going in and out of the shop these days, so we put all the pallets at the back of the store, in what will soon be the children's section, just to get them out of the way. This afternoon we began moving the boxes to approximately where they should be in the shop so that when we start unpacking and shelving everything will be more or less where it needs to be. It is hard work, even in our lovely, air-conditioned space. So far we are two pallets down - only a quarter of the way through, but enough to have learned the following hard-earned truths:

  • There is a difference between waving vaguely at a bit of the shop and saying "Philosophy is going over there," and knowing precisely where philosophy is actually going to go. There's probably a really funny philosophical joke about this proposition, but we can't make it because we haven't read all the books yet.
  • Gym membership is overrated. Open a bookshop instead. Full body (and brain) workout.
  • Books are heavy.
  • No, really, I mean they are really, seriously heavy.
  • All of the various joys and excitements of the past few weeks were eclipsed by the moment when we cut through the tape on the first box and saw books. Lots and lots of 'em. Because that, after all, is why we're here.

Progress continues apace. By the middle of next week the computers should be up and running and the maple shelves ready to be installed. We're still a couple of weeks away from opening our doors, but getting closer every day.