Let The Countdown Begin...


Many people have been asking us exactly when we're planning to open, and we have always replied, somewhat cagily: sometime in August. 

The time has come, though, to put on our big person pants and declare our hand, and so we're very pleased to announce that Skylark will be opening our doors for the first time on Saturday, August 25.

Put another way: we have less than two weeks. No biggie.

Of course, we still have an absolute ton to do before we can peel those Harry Potter pages off the windows and welcome you all inside. Our shelves have now been installed, and they look stunning. We spent several happy hours (fueled by Shakespeare's Pizza and Sparky's Ice Cream) over the weekend unboxing thousands of fiction titles. It has been a wonderful experience to watch the shelves slowly fill up with these beautiful books. We're actually starting to look like a bookshop! Next it's - well, it's basically everything else. We have a million and one little things to do (and a few big ones) but it's exciting to have a date to aim toward now.

As we get closer to the time, we'll be giving more details of what to expect on August 25. There won't be a big party - not right away, anyway. We're just ready to sell some books to all you lovely people! 

Watch this space for more details...