Books. And Cats. (But Mainly Cats.)

From Beth…

We have a happy new addition to our household: a kitten named Gustav. No, he's not named after the composer Gustav Mahler (although I do sometimes call him Gustav Meowler) or after my ancestor Gustave Adolph. The quick reason is that the humane society randomly assigned the name, and it suited him.

Needless to say, Gustav is a crazy, inquisitive creature when he's not sleeping. Our other pets currently consist of an elderly beagle as well as an older outdoor cat, and their energy levels register at almost zero when compared to Gustav's. Gustav enjoys being part of the action at all times, including planting himself on me during my sacred introvert reading time. Therefore, my reading attempts these days often look like this....


Or like this…


Admittedly, the kitten's constant presence is hardly a huge deal and is undeniably a first-world problem.. Gustav is a cute companion, and I can easily shift my position or move somewhere else to continue reading.

But what interferes with your reading habit? Is it something big and seemingly insurmountable, such as a work obligation? Or is it something insignificant, such as my kitten, or a default to relaxing with Neflix that might require only a simple alteration in your life?

Think about it, and then consider what minor adjustment you might be able to make to add more reading to your day. In the meantime, I'll be cuddling with Gustav and a good book....just in a slightly different position than before.