Do You Want to Appear in Rebecca Makkai's next book?!?

We love Rebecca Makkai. Her latest novel, The Great Believers, was a brilliant, richly rewarding story of the AIDS crisis in Chicago, and won (and continues to win) a gazillion awards and endless acclaim, and rightly so. It’s gorgeously written, completely engrossing, and a true triumph. Rebecca spoke at the Unbound Book Festival this April, and she’ll be returning to Columbia in August, as her novel has been chosen as the MU Honors College One Read selection this year.


Rebecca is a big supporter of independent bookstores, and - since yesterday and today are, ahem, “Prime Days” at a certain online retailer whose name we can never quite remember - she has made a very cool offer: purchase a copy of The Great Believers at an independent bookshop before midnight tonight (Tuesday, July 16), send her proof of purchase, and she’ll name a minor character in her next novel after you or someone you choose.

The Great Believers recently came out in paperback. We have copies at the store of course - and we also have a few signed hardcovers left in stock from Unbound. So come by and pick up a copy today - and see your name immortalized in Rebecca’s next book!